41x41 and 41x21 C Truss Channels Or Strut Channels

National Profile Factory Manufactures 41mm Wide 41 Mm Height And 41mm Wide 21mm Height C-Truss Channels Using Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils .The Channels Provide An Ideal Mechanical Support Frame For The Range Of Application And Is Great Starting Point For Installing Electric Cable Or Pipe Management System, Solar Panel Fixing, Storing Racks. It Can Be Provided In Plain Style Or Slotted With Evenly Spaced Slots Along Its Length.

C Truss Channels
Technical Specification:

Galvanized Steel to……… Quality Coating Type
G40 - Z120gm/m2
Up to G90 - Z275gm/m2

C Truss Channels
Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (inch) Side Wall
2 mm Regular Thickness 1.3 mm available on customer request Standard 3000 mm Availabe Up To 6000 mm 41 mm Availabe With 41mm And 21mm


1 - The actual thickness may differ from the thickness specified by a maximum of +/- 0.02mm
2 - Other sizes & thicknesses are also available as per Customer request.