G.I Flat sheet

We Cut cold rolled Galvanized steel, Pre-painted G.I Sheet Etc for Many Lengths and gauges. We Measure our Success with Flatness, Quality, and Consistency. we are capable of providing customer given width as we have facility of European standard slitting line in our factory We are able to provide steel coil servicing (Slitting and Cut to Length) of Galvanized Steel / Cold Rolled Steel coils of Thickness in the range of 0.37mm to 2mm and Master coil width upto 1250mm

G.I Flat sheet and PPGI Plain Sheet
Coating Range (GSM) Spangle Type Thickness Range (mm) Width Range (mm)
90 to 350 [90(G30), 120(G40), 180(G60), 275(G90), 350(G115)] As per Customer request Regular Spangle, Minimized Spangle As per Customer request (0.37- 2.00) As per Customer request Standard 1219mm Range 900 mm - 1250mm Non-standard width also available on customer request
G.I Flat sheet and PPGI Plain Sheet

PPGI Plain Sheet

Pre-paint steel is a corrosion resistant substrate That has had paint applied to both sides through a Continuous coil coating process, which produces a Uniform paint finish.

Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
0.28MM - 0.70MM As per Customer request 3000 mm standard Non-standard size also available As per Customer request Range 900 -1250mm Standard 1219 mm Non-standard width also available As per Customer request


1 - The actual thickness may differ from the thickness specified by a maximum of +/- 0.02mm
2 - Other sizes & thicknesses are also available as per Customer request.
3 - The actual Length and Width may differ from the Length and Width Specified by Maximum of +/- 5mm